The filming of our successful reality travel show, ONE Warrior Series (OWS) has been put on indefinite hold since COVID-19 struck last year.

Through an incredible six seasons of OWS, the team and I hardly had the time to catch our breath.

Fortunately, this impromptu break has given us an opportunity to reflect upon our respective journeys on this incredible production. 

As the team leader and host, I came away with key insights that I believe have contributed to the show’s success.


OWS Is Only As Successful As Its People


Hiring the right people is one of the major game plans for any leader. 

The OWS team consisted of highly motivated individuals, each bringing unique skillsets and expertise to the project.

I only selected people who I believed possessed the right attributes. Unfortunately that meant that the best candidate did not always get the job.

In OWS, we are a close knit team. Our hours are split between filming, being on the road or just hanging out together in the Airbnb. 

If I didn’t find the right person that could get along with the rest of the team, it would be a painful experience. Chemistry is equally vital to a successful show.


Clear Roles Define Success


There is no I in team and therefore, setting clear roles and responsibilities is critical to success.

If everyone understands their roles and how it contributes to overall success, the team is not only focused but supportive of each other. 

As a leader, knowing the roles of my team members also allowed me to diagnose and identify problems before they worsened and affected team chemistry.

When delegating work, I knew who was best equipped with the skills and expertise to complete the task. In return, each member felt acknowledged for their contributions to the team’s success.


Avoid Micromanaging


No one likes to be micromanaged. While I demanded excellence, I also expected the odd mistake now and then. 

More importantly, I believed in treating others the way I want to be treated. Jesus’s second greatest commandment, according to Matthew 22:37-39, “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

If I didn’t see myself editing film till 2am on the weekends, I did not ask the same of my team.

I trusted and respected my team and as a result, they were more motivated to work and achieve success.


Empower Others To Succeed


Successful leadership also involves taking a step back sometimes and empowering others to take the lead.

In OWS, not only was I the leader and boss, I was also talent on a shoot. 

When we were back in the office, I was the one giving instructions to the team. However, the roles were reversed once we arrived on set.

There, I trusted my team members’ skills and knowledge and expected that they would, when necessary, make decisions on improvements and adjustments. 

Empowering others gave the team added confidence and ensured they were all focused on delivering the most successful product for our fans.



I was fortunate to be surrounded by a team that I regard as family till today. 

We have a Whatsapp group chat, appropriately titled Ohana, which is Hawaiian for family. There, we check in frequently and keep tabs on each other’s progress in life. 

OWS’s success might have been a result of all of the above, but none of it would have mattered without the relationships and bonds we have built together as a family.