Rich Franklin is a host, actor, UFC Hall of Famer, and current Vice President of ONE Championship, Asia’s largest martial arts promotion. With the launch of his new podcast Quite Franklin, Franklin discusses a variety of topics related to his experiences and current events. Through deep discussions on stories, ideas and expertise of its guests, Quite Franklin seeks to entertain, educate or inspire its audience. A high school math teacher turned multiple-time MMA World Champion, Franklin is widely recognized as a pioneer who advanced the sport globally. In his illustrious 13-year career in the octagon, Franklin became the first man in UFC history to fight in four different countries. He headlined the organization’s first ever live hit network cable show The Ultimate Fighter, and also captured the middleweight World Championship in 2005. Growing up poor in the Midwest on food subsidies, Franklin developed a blue-collar grit and strove to better his circumstances. Though not the most naturally gifted athlete, few could match Franklin’s tireless work ethic and devotion to health and nutrition. He excelled in martial arts and in 2002, left his pension and stable career as an educator behind to pursue his dreams of becoming a professional fighter. Mixed martial arts became the crucible which stoked his competitive fire, sense of duty and faith. Franklin attributes his many accomplishments in life to the discipline and character forged from this very fire. Drawing daily inspiration from the teachings of Christ, Franklin remains humble and hopes his success can serve as a beacon for kids growing up in impoverished circumstances not unlike his own.

Franklin’s articulate personality and fan friendly demeanor made him the perfect ambassador of mixed martial arts, which helped pushed the UFC to global prominence. Throughout his career, Franklin has been the go-to interview subject for mainstream media, with appearances on major cable networks like CNBC and FOX.

As the company’s most visible spokesperson, Franklin is highly sought after for his experiences on the international stage. In his presentation “How To Be A Loser” at TedxUChicago, Franklin’s wry wit and personal account of overcoming adversity resonated with audiences throughout the country.

Away from the confines of the cage, Franklin believes in living a life of purpose, and is constantly sourcing for new avenues of personal growth.

He has made successful forays into other ventures, including several crossovers into Hollywood, speaking engagements, teaching seminars and even starting his own clothing line.

At present, Franklin is the successful host of his own travel show ONE Warrior Series while serving as Vice President of ONE Championship, Asia’s largest mixed martial arts promotion.

An educator at heart, Franklin has been championing a fighting mindset as long as he can remember.

Just as he fought to garner recognition for mixed martial arts as a sport, Franklin seeks to challenge his own perspectives and grow as a person.

His latest project, Quite Franklin is another forum to engage in meaningful discussions and provoke thought.

Equally comfortable on a microphone as he is behind a camera, Franklin’s inquisitive persona will engage guests on current affairs and social phenomena.

As he navigates this space, Franklin hopes listeners can join him on the podcast and come away entertained and informed.