For the adventurous few wanting a real test, this post is for you.

During my successful run in the UFC, my famed conditioning allowed me to compete against the most gifted and powerful fighters in the world.

My name quickly became synonymous with endurance and some of my hardcore workouts were even documented on UFC All Access.

Thanks to these brutal training regimens, I am still in peak physical condition today. Even at my fitness level, I don’t expect to jump straight into these hardcore workouts but rather train to get myself ready to perform them properly.

That said, here are three of my advanced workouts that will put your athletic endurance to the test.

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Set #1 Set #2 Set #3 Set #4 Set #5
Deadlift x 50 reps


Bench x 10 reps

Deadlift x 40 reps


Bench x 8 reps

Deadlift x 30 reps


Bench x 6 reps

Deadlift x 20 reps


Bench x 4 reps

Deadlift x 10 reps


Bench x 2 reps


Photo cred @onefc

Initial reactions to my routine can range from shock to dismay. This is perfectly normal, especially once folks find out that I actually deadlift 225lbs fifty times in a row!

Unless there’s a rack available, a floor bench is tricky to pull off. You ideally want a training partner that can lift the bar for you. This was an exercise I struggled with. My long arms were never conducive for benching. Thankfully, I found great use for them in my punch and reach!

I suggest starting with a weight that is manageable to you and focus on getting a cadence. Prioritize your total time over your individual rest times.

By doing so, the goals of this exercise are kept simple. A decrease in total time taken should correspond to an increase in your athletic endurance.

Slam Ball Routine

10 Sets
88lbs slam ball x 20 shoulder tosses
20 plyo push ups



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This workout is easy to get into but one that you may find yourself struggling to complete.

A slam ball of varying weights can be found in most gyms. Unfortunately, I was stuck here with 88lbs.

Over the shoulder tosses with a slam ball is a great full-body resistance exercise.

As I squat down, I keep my core tight and my posture upright and scoop the ball up. Once there, I drive with my legs and roll it up my chest and over the shoulder.

The plyo pushups help add an explosive element to this routine. Taken together, this will strain even the fittest warrior.

Track Lunge Walk & Pushups

100m lunges
25 pushups
Repeat until you walk a mile

This is a great outdoors workout that is perfect for those who lack training options with the ongoing quarantine wherever you are.

It is as straightforward as it sounds. Keep performing the set until you cover a distance of a mile (equivalent of about 1600 meters).

By the end, you would have completed 400 pushups and an extremely sore pair of legs to show for it!