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Why I’m a raw juice advocate!

If you are wondering why…here are my reasons:

Aspartame. Good/Bad?

Do you drink diet soda…eat yogurt…chew gum? Does it concern you that most brands of those items contain aspartame? Do you even know about the dangers of aspartame? Read our article here to learn more so you make an educated decision about what you are putting into your body.

Stimulant-Free Energy

How many of you rush to grab a coffee right when you wake up? To learn about stimulants and their effects, read our nutritional article here:

CageFanatic Interview

The headline is deceptive, I am not fighting in May. When asked by CageFanatic at the Arnold Classic last month if I would fight on the Cincy card, I was unsure and I share my thoughts in this quick interview…along with more info on my juice business, ZeLin.

Benefits of Coconut

Do you like coconut? Do you use coconut oil? Have you tried coconut water? Find out why coconut is a staple product on our menu at ZeLin. There are so many benefits!!