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Interview about new job with ONE FC

Here is a video interview where I talk about the role I will play with ONE Fighting Championship…and how that affects my relationship with the UFC.

Upcoming Movie Role

I am in a new movie coming out in September called MANTERVENTION where I play an MMA coach. This is my 5th movie role. I’ve also been in Cyborg Soldier, The Genesis Code, Hamill, and Here Comes the Boom (although my scene was cut)…

ZeLin closes- moving to wholesale

ZeLin has some exciting news to announce! In response to the increase in demand for our organic juice products, ZeLin will now be shifting from brick and mortar stores to wholesaling.
Making this change will allow us to sell our juices in larger quantities at lower prices. Our products will be soon be available at numerous local retail and vendor locations making them more easily accessible to customers. While we will miss our store, employees and interaction with our customers, we must make the changes necessary to keep up with the high demand for our fresh, organic, juices. Currently, we are developing an innovative strategy to get ZeLin Juices in stores across the country. Keep your eyes peeled for the ZeLin brand in your local area!
Visit for the latest updates.

My TedxTalk at UChicago

Listen to find out my advice on “How to be a Loser”

Thoughts on Alkaline Water

I’m a big fan of alkaline water, and we use it at ZeLin. The battle in your body is all about pH levels, acidity and oxidation. The more alkaline foods and drinks we can put in our body, the more it will slow down the oxidation (aging) process of free radicals. I spent years eating vegetables with a high alkalinity, not thinking about the water I drink. Many bottled waters contain a pH lower than human blood.

Human blood pH is about 7.3ish, a soda is 3.5ish and green vegetation can be as high as 9 or 9.5. Anytime we consume anything under 7.3ish, there will be free radicals left in the body causing oxidation. To maintain the blood’s pH level, the body will leach minerals from places like bones…so the rest of the body suffers to keep the blood in equilibrium.
The adult human body usually ranges between 50-70% water, and if you are not paying attention to the alkalinity of the water you drink, the vegetation will barely make a dent in your health. If you check the alkalinity of many bottled waters, you will find they are below blood pH. Tap water is typically neutral because substances like sodium bicarbonate are added to it. The health ramifications of these excess substances in your tap water is another discussion completely.
So YES, I am a fan of alkaline water!